The Hackathon that changes things.

HackSummit is the hackathon that organizes innovators,
developers, academics, and business execs to solve
real-world problems for non-profits and companies.

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Timothy Smith Advisory Board New Sector Alliance
Geoff Domoracki Founder DevNetwork
Pearl Chan Investments Omidyar Network
Meghan Murphy Senior Manager, Community Programs Twilio
Erik Ogan Revenue Team Lead


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Event Details

HackSummit is a Hackathon for Change, produced by the team behind DeveloperWeek, DataWeek, and API World. The focus of the HackSummit in San Francisco, June 2014 is solving SF Bay local problems. That means we will focus the problem sponsors on non-profit and for-profit initiatives that affect the SF Bay area!

HackSummit is a 30-hour event that kicks off Saturday June 14th at 10:00 AM and ends Sunday June 15th at 6:00 PM. Here’s how the event works

  • Like most hackathons, we ask that participating teams do not actually start the designing, coding, or drafting of articles / research until the exact start date and time of the HackSummit.
  • Any registered participant can create a team. Whoever adds the team to is considered the “Team Leader” and is responsible for adding new team members.
  • Unlike other hackathons, HackSummit asks every participant to solve real-world problems for dozens of organizations looking for innovation. We do this by organizing “Problem Sponsors” who may be non-profit organizations or for-profit companies, helping them publish their problem statements and connect to innovators before the HackSummit even starts.
  • All HackSummit prizes are problem sponsor and technology sponsor specific.
  • By default, all solutions resulting from HackSummit will get published in a SolutionReport after HackSummit ends. Some HackSummit Problem Sponsors may ask teams working on their problem to skip adding their solution to the SolutionReport in order to secure their prize.


HackSummit is based on a principle of Cross-Disciplinary Open Innovation. By connecting Problem Sponsors (Organizations) and Technology Sponsors (API’s and backend tools) and Participants (developers, designers, entrepreneurs, students, business execs, industry experts) we aim to create change in both the public and private sector.

HackSummit has no centralized disciplinary focus except for convergent innovation itself. That means we do not prioritize non-profit or for-profit innovation, we do not prioritize broad humanitarian goals above or below institutional technological goals, we do not prioritize pure science or applied science goals. Each HackSummit may have a broad-based city or industry theme, but we encourage each theme to be interpreted as broadly as possible!


Sat, June

10:00 AM: Doors Open and Breakfast

11:00 AM: App Idea Pitches + Sponsor Talks

12:00 PM: Lunch + Networking

1:00 PM: Final round of app idea pitches for team organization

2:00 PM: Coding!

6:00 PM: Dinner

8:00 PM: Drinks for all

2:00 AM: Late Night Snack

Sun, June

10:00 AM: Doors Open

Noon: Lunch

4:00 PM: Final team presentations

Creating Change.

There are 3 ways to create change.

The first is to locate and solve a specific problem. For example, if apartments in San Francisco are too expensive, you could build an app that allows for subletting and room sharing.

The second is to seek to understand what caused that problem. Why is housing in San Francisco expensive? Why aren’t new buildings being built fast enough, and why can’t new SF residents easily commute from farther areas of the SF Bay? Where is the data on SF Bay real estate investment or on SF Bay construction laws?

The third is to create organizations of experts that can seek out and tackle those specific types of problems. Tackling the San Francisco housing crisis requires non-profit activism and for-profit investment that can push through economic and policy reform that benefits the greatest number of people.

HackSummit aims to create Third-Order change of organizing the industry experts across disciplines who can engage in problem-solving using a "hackthon" type of innovation process.

Venue Offices

383 Rhode Island St,
San Francisco, CA 94103


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