Start a Team

Any registered participant can create a team. Whoever adds the team to is considered the “Team Leader” and is responsible for adding new team members. You do not need to add your team to until the HackSummit event starts.

All HackSummit teams MUST solve at least one sponsored problem for a non-profit or a for-profit organization. We will have a large enough number of broad-enough problems that every participant should find a problem relevant to them!

How Prizes Work
  • Unlike other hackathons, HackSummit asks every participant to solve real-world problems for dozens of organizations looking for innovation. We do this by organizing “Problem Sponsors” who may be non-profit organizations or for-profit companies, helping them publish their problem statements and connect to innovators before the HackSummit even starts.
  • Most problem sponsors and technology sponsors will offer prizes to the top team(s) creating solutions to their problems
  • All HackSummit prizes are problem sponsor and technology sponsor specific.
  • By default, all solutions resulting from HackSummit will get published in a SolutionReport after HackSummit ends. Some HackSummit Problem Sponsors may ask teams working on their problem to skip adding their solution to the SolutionReport in order to secure their prize.

Types of Projects

Most hackathons require that teams build web or mobile apps. HackSummit invites participants to present their solution in any method they want as long as they can complete the following presentation requirements:

  • What type of solution are you proposing: Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Data Visualizations, Digital Media, Design Prototypes, or Business Plans
  • How how much time / money would it take to fully implement this solution?
  • Complete a one-page online form about your solution and team
  • OPTIONAL What resources would the members of this team need in order to implement this idea?

Who Owns the Projects?

In the spirit of open innovation, the teams working on the projects own the projects, but once you present your solution you are putting the idea into the public domain! It is up to the problem sponsors to attach terms to their prizes and work with contributing teams outside of / beyond HackSummit.