Official Sponsors

Technology Sponsors

Technology Sponsors are companies with a technology they would like HackSummit teams to build with. These technologies could include API’s, infrastructure of backend tools, code libraries, open-source or proprietary tools, front-end design or workflow tools. There are Basic, Official, and Partner level Technology Sponsor packages.

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Problem Sponsors

Problem Sponsors are either For-Profit or Non-Profit Problem Sponsors. Problem Sponsors propose “problems” that get shared with all HackSummit participants. It is highly recommended that every HackSummit participant solve a Sponsored Problem in order to participate.

Non-Profit Problem Sponsors are free for non-profits to post. Any non-profit can get a Basic-Level Problem Package for free. Official-Level and Partner-Level problem sponsors are asked to commit to different levels of publicity to secure their package. Non-profits and for-profits can contact us to inquire about higher level sponsor packages.

For-Profit Problem Sponsors pay for their Problem Sponsor packages. Often the costs are reduced based on the promotions and marketing committed by the For-Profit Problem Sponsor.

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